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Full 5 stars. Too good!

You have some pretty smooth animation, and you are definitely not afraid to work different camera angles and work from different perspectives. The hair looks gorgeous. The hands in the beginning are so well animated, it almost looks rotoscoped!

I have but two points I'd like to hammer down, specifically with this scene. The shot from the girl holding the sniper to the guy running towards it; both characters are on the right side when the camera cuts; which can be jarring for some viewers...just apply the 180 rule whenever you can to develop a more stronger coordination between your two well animated characters. Your run cycle is pretty good, but don't be afraid to twist and move that torso a bit! I know that shot in particular is hard, and give you kudos for doing that :D

ibrabdo responds:

thx for the feedback, and well said, u r totally right about the wrong camera shot :( i realized it after posting, since i was planning to have an insert shot between them, but i deleted without considering that point when posting, ur critic is always welcome :)

Welcome back :D

Ultra-trippy. Eyes were obviously having trouble to adjust reading after this lol. I like it man!

I hope part 3 is Sonic's Resurrection as Classic... Sonic Mania coming August :D

The robots face spelled it all out: "There is no repair". What an animation. Anticipation, Suspense, good experimental animation, good camera shots and compositions: Everything about this short was successful. You can easily spawn an anthology series on here; something Newgrounds haven't been exposed to all that much!

Anything with Starbarians that's over a 1 minute? AF or not, it's gonna be a bloody good episode to me :D

This was a great cartoon. Hadn't enjoyed myself this much since the Tardigrade cartoons. Animation needs work in some areas, but the script and pacing more than made up for it. Keep em coming!

tylerghardin responds:

excellent, glad you liked it, thanks so much :D

Awesome, been a while since I've seen some of your stuff. The animation is great, good sense of space and environment. Rock music was a bit out of place, and pacing was okay (in comparison to your other work)...but most of all, those backgrounds are amazing. Can't wait for the next one!

The block style of animation looked really interesting. Japanese animation does that style sometimes when there's heavy distortion to the environment, but haven't seen that on people. I'm intrigued on how you'll handle the rest of the animation. Can't wait til you flesh out this project even more!

Wondermeow responds:

Lol, thanks man will keep everyone posted

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