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CrabbWalker's News

Posted by CrabbWalker - May 7th, 2014

Just letting you all know that the project Nami is still in full drive! I've been working on the usual scenery/ animation and what not. I have underestimated how long this might take (again) because I'm adding more scenes needed to fit the animatic, so it'll be pushed back even a couple more months. I've completed the rough draft for the script of the 2nd episode, which involves 5 characters so far.  i have 3 voice-actors pending, so there maybe room for 1-2 more. If interested, post a high quality link demonstrating your mastery of voice! I have also been working on a website with the help of a programmer friend, and it's looking sweet! (can't show you pictures though). I'm holding back on showing much of anything else. Currently working on different architectures for future scenes, as well as character models. Please keep current with the links posted below my front page. Thanks again Newgrounds, and enjoy the beginning of summer!

Posted by CrabbWalker - March 26th, 2014

Hey everyone!

I recently took a week off to regenerate from working hard on my upcoming animation. It seems that I have exceeded the original animatic and storyboard, so it will come out much later, probably around July. Since this is a pilot episode, I'm taking my time to develop on my weaknesses: camera techniques, color theory, lip synching, and music production. The time put into this animation is brutal, so it doesn't leave me with a lot of leeway for working on music tracks, nor do I have the expense of purchasing high-quality bundle of instrumentals. If any musicians take interest in this project OR know a cheaper alternative or approach to music production, PM (Private Message) me.

Aside from that, I'm working on the script for the 2nd episode. I don't have anything to show yet, but if any of you kindly voice actors take interest in the next episode, just post a link to your audio– however, it must be high quality. For the few that already PM'ed me, thanks for your consideration, and you will be the first I contact after my 1st episode is done!

That's it for now! Here's a quick sketch painting done in Photoshop. It's great practice for when I do those background scenes! And please check out my new Facebook page!!!


Peace Newgrounds :)


Posted by CrabbWalker - March 3rd, 2014

Aside from the hard drive failure, on the upside, I've recently created a facebook page for all to see. Come and like it! Support this lowly indie animator lol! The link is here:



..oh and thanks and peace Newgrounds! Here's a bit of screenshot eye candy for you:


Posted by CrabbWalker - February 26th, 2014

Okay, I'm currently using my little bro's computer lol. This is a new low, as my hard drive failed on me. Unable to mount it through the disk utility settings on my Macbook Pro, so I'm pretty sure it's dead. What does this mean for my pilot animation that I've been planning for about 3.5 months? It means this will set me back 4 days; luckily I backup my stuff on an external drive and through Google Drive. Hopefully I'll be able to post another cool update. Originally I had a speed animation vid I was going to link through here to YouTube, but I'll have to wait a bit. Peace Newgrounds.


Posted by CrabbWalker - January 22nd, 2014

Hello everybody! Sorry for the long wait! I have another exciting update concerning Backgrounds, Voiceovers, and Animation! I guess I'll dive into it without a further ado! Voiceovers: I am completely done recording for the first episode. Right now, I'm in the middle of syncing Nagumi and Nami's voice for the first 30 seconds. The quality is amazing and it's coming out great...although I had a little malfunction with my file and I had to grab the source files to save it (whew!) If anyone wants to record for the next episode, please feel free to email me or private message me while attaching a link to your voice demo. Please provide as high a quality that you can offer!

3551036_139041503121_A2.jpg (Voices are in purple, this is what sound looks like in Flash CS4!!) Backgrounds: I'm currently working on another background that will span only a couple seconds -_- but, it looks great so far. I've finished a recent background that I'm willing to post on here. I have already imported the PSD file to Flash and animated a couple things in front of the background. Here's some behind the scenes on some of my progress!!!



3551036_139041503023_A1.jpg Animation: I have been animating away. I've recently finished two animated scenes, and plan on moving to the next one as illustrated by my animatic. Here are some screenshots of an animation with a skeletal background:



Please visit my Google+ page and/or subscribe to my YouTube channel in the links above <-----------

Peace out, Newgrounds!

Posted by CrabbWalker - December 20th, 2013

Voice over update!

Hey followers! I've recently finished auditioning for voice over talent for the 1st episode of Nami and started recording! I'm currently working on producing more crispier voices and delivering rich sounds. I'm halfway through, therefore I can start lip synching the sound for my 1st character. I've recently bought an sE Reflexion Filter for $119 at guitar center, and I'm pleased with the results! The difference is a bit subtle, but definitely noticeable. This is a nice cheap alternative to soundproofing your room (although I'd recommend soundproof rooms over anything). A walk-in closet with clothes is awesome for using. I posted a few pics below:  


Slightly short lengthwise, but it's ok



P.S - For people purchasing the sE reflexion filter, there is an adapter inside one of the metal caps (because this is a filter mad for European mic stands, you'll need this adapter to fit on US mic stands) so you put the adapter on your mic stand first, then the L bar on top, then screw with other cap. Your shock mount or mic holder will fit the grooves on the metal bar.

Posted by CrabbWalker - December 3rd, 2013

Hey guys!!! Late Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It's been a while since I've posted anything of importance to Newgrounds! In short, you may have remembered me as the guy who created "The Human, The Eagle, The Mouse" and the "Art of War" (That didn't get as many views, but I got wonderful comments from it nonetheless!). When I do an animation, I really take to heart of all of the comments that are posted and weigh the pros and the cons of my product. I took a hiatus to pre-plan a mini series in order to work on my storytelling abilities, hence the new mini series that will hit Newgrounds like a bag of potatoes: "Nami". 

Storytelling was a skill of mine that needed some serious re-touching, so I've been planning my own little world, and the fate of my main character from the day of that comment. I got my storyboarding finished, animatic pretty much done, 25% through on my background work, working on the intergration of my music tracks I've produced, and currently working on fighting scenes. This is where I need your help! I'm in need of 2 voice actors: One for Nami, and probably one for Nagumi. Nami will be portrayed as an Alto-y type of person, humble but frantic in the midst of battle. (Meanwhile, let me post you some pics from my blog :)


(Nami from Scene 7, second FLA file lol)

When it's all HI-DEF and finished, I'll plan to release it around March. In the meantime, I'll try to stay in touch with Newgrounds by posting updates, a teaser, and possibly fan art! I left my Google+ link and my Blog link post below, as I do post bi-weekly if you are interested in every single little update! Til next time!




Posted by CrabbWalker - August 9th, 2013

A large influx of animation shall put a stop to that!!!

Posted by CrabbWalker - August 3rd, 2013

lol I'm a nobody really, but I invite you all to check out my latest animation since 3 years (lol). I plan on posting more in the future, but for now I leave you with "The Eagle, The Human, The Mouse". Please enjoy, and it is nice revisiting Newgrounds and its inhabitants!!!

Posted by CrabbWalker - December 19th, 2010

Well, hello there. Its been a month since I created an account on newgrounds. Just a newcomer here, still working with flash and trying to see which story I want to build upon. Well...I can't wait to review more starving artists such as myself !