Hard Drive Failure....

2014-02-26 08:34:19 by CrabbWalker

Okay, I'm currently using my little bro's computer lol. This is a new low, as my hard drive failed on me. Unable to mount it through the disk utility settings on my Macbook Pro, so I'm pretty sure it's dead. What does this mean for my pilot animation that I've been planning for about 3.5 months? It means this will set me back 4 days; luckily I backup my stuff on an external drive and through Google Drive. Hopefully I'll be able to post another cool update. Originally I had a speed animation vid I was going to link through here to YouTube, but I'll have to wait a bit. Peace Newgrounds.



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2014-02-26 10:43:52

Damn, that's rough. Does the HD sound clunky or spin at all? One thing that might work - put it in a plastic bag, freeze it, then reinstall it (before it gets warm again). The cold tightens up bad bearings, and any breaks on the circuit board.

(Updated ) CrabbWalker responds:

Hm, never heard of that, I might try it out sometime later down the road thanks for the info, right now I have it in an anti-static bag and boxed up...alternatively I've bought a 500GB Seagate HD and just installed it...currently retrieving all data from my WD external drive...got my super-important FLA files...hopefully Google Drive didn't do anything to them.


2014-02-26 11:45:26

That sucks man :(
I just found your profile today and was really impressed. Keep up the good work man!

CrabbWalker responds:

Thanks, hopefully the FLA files aren't corrupted when I grab them from my cloud storage (once Flash re-installs), or else I'm screwed in a months work by resorting to my 3rd option: my flash drive -_-


2014-02-26 17:05:26

Hopefully it all works out. What caused it to break?

CrabbWalker responds:

Oh, just over-usage and time. All hard drives eventually fail, which is why backups are 100% considered. I was able to retrieve everything except the Adobe programs, FLA files work, so I'm almost there :)