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CrabbWalker's News

Posted by CrabbWalker - April 16th, 2015

Hey fans, 

It's spring time for me, so I've been out and about...and playing LOTS of warframe...if you're somehow interested in co-op ing with me, I'm CrabbWalker on Warframe PC as well :D

That being said, I've been on a 2 week hiatus, just drawing and sketching for the most part 0.0

Remember to balance work and fun Newgrounders! Will be going full throttle on Episode 2 next week!

Plus, I might be working on another side project, just so I won't get burnt out for the Nami series.

That's all for now...if you haven't watched my previous movie, click on meh name and enjoy!

Peace XD

Posted by CrabbWalker - March 23rd, 2015

Yeah! The first episode is ago on Newgrounds! It will make its rounds on YouTube either tonight or tomorrow (gotta work -_-) but I encourage you guys to click the links on the side and share! (or even support :D). Stay on the lookout!

Also, again major thanks from the talented musician, Mattashi. He was awesome to work with, so make sure you check out his stuff as well.


I'll keep you updated, I'm off for now, Newgrounders!


Posted by CrabbWalker - February 27th, 2015

Hey Newgrounders! I'm posting a quick update on my pilot animation. I'm about 98% done with the visuals (needs some tweaks and another re-render) and about 90-92% done with the sound FX. Big thanks to the musician Mattashi for providing a top-quality score. I'm currently mixing the sounds as I finish up. After that, I'll test-run it with a couple people for audio problems, then off to the net it goes! I'll post a quick pick below showing a sneak peek of the process:


Spread the love and share Nami: the animated series with others! And thank you very much for even viewing this post. Stay updated through my Twitter and Facebook. Til next time :D

P.S- I might need a voice actor for the 2nd episode (contacted, but no response yet) PM me for further details.

Posted by CrabbWalker - January 27th, 2015

Will be bringing something soon to Newgrounds. Stay classy :D


Posted by CrabbWalker - November 22nd, 2014

Okay, this thing is truly taking forever lol, but it's looking sharp. I've been quite busy with other endeavors, and might not show as many screenshots of the animation. Instead, I invite you to also checkout my facebook page, as I'll have daily uploads of sketches I might/ might not include in my animation. Thanks Newgrounds for being awesome.





Posted by CrabbWalker - October 29th, 2014

Quick snapshot of me working in After Effects. 90% done with importing scenes over. Can't wait to bring sound FX and musicians on board! 


P.S- I have one spot open for a voiceactor for my second episode. I need a male, lower-pitch voice preferrably. His age will be around 35-40, and he's an experienced guard. If you are interested, post your voice demo link below. Looking for high quality. Peace, Newgrounders!

- Mr. CrabbWalker

Posted by CrabbWalker - September 5th, 2014

I approximately have about 5-6 scenes left, then I'll be finished with the animation part. Currently compositing earlier finished scenes into After Effects, about a minute in. Still have quite a few backgrounds to do, and still need to create the music soundtrack + sound effects after the process is done in after effects. Here's a collage from different animated scenes for now!



Posted by CrabbWalker - July 21st, 2014

Finished my website dudes. Check it out and leave a comment :) If there's problems on your browser, feel more than inclined to report it to me. Still hard at work with animation, but I started compositing in After Effects, so that's wonderful news. oh, here's the link. Peace Newgrounders!




Posted by CrabbWalker - July 7th, 2014

Snails pace. X_X Now I know why one man band animators release good animation once a year! Hopefully it won't stretch to that, just posting that I'm still working, yep. Once I setup everything for the pilot, world, scripts, and website, it should run more smoothly. Should take no more than 7-8 months for each project...I just got to get off my lazy bum and double the effort! Got a couple concepts down for characters and architecture for 2nd episode though. I will probably start on the animatic next week. In the meantime, the website just need a few touches, and it'll be ready by the end of this week. Still working hard on pilot, it's looking good. Since I don't want to show much, here's a pic my character, Nami. Take it easy, Newgrounds!


Posted by CrabbWalker - June 5th, 2014


Hey Newgrounders!

So, my website is about 60% complete. Yeah! On a more opaque note, the animation itself is moving at a snails pace, very tedious...i haven't even composited it into after effects yet, or premiere pro'd the sounds! (but that's ok, that's the easier part). Everything else looks good, as this is just another update to acknowledge that I'm still working on the pilot episode. Don't be afraid to check out some of my stuff (and press that shiny likey-like button) on facebook, or through any of ther other links on my main page. I'll hit up voiceover contacts for 2nd ep rough script very soon. Also, checkout my older animations, they're pretty cool too. Ciao!