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CrabbWalker's News

Posted by CrabbWalker - September 25th, 2016

Hey NG fans!

The title is the description XD 

Will be animating for several hours, probably til midnight who knows! Got a couple minutes then stop by ;)



Posted by CrabbWalker - September 12th, 2016

Testing out Twitch! Animating for the masses oh yeah


Posted by CrabbWalker - April 11th, 2016

Sup guys, CrabbWalker here with yet another entry!

I thought I'd post some of my updates to where I'm at with the 2nd episode. It's looking pretty good. As of now, I've reached scene 28, and all the scenes beforehand range between finished to still in an animatic state. I have about 60+ scenes altogether (ooh fun) so in order to not kill off what little presence I have, I'll post more speed paintings, practice animation GIFs, and try to stay updated here at least monthly. Thanks much guys, and again, if you haven't seen the first episode of Nami (NG) or here (YT), check it out! Peace and love NG.


Posted by CrabbWalker - February 22nd, 2016

Hey NG and fans!

Although I have been active on NG commenting on people's awesome work, I haven't been as active with updating you guys on anything, so um...here's a sneek peek from me to you guys XD


The 2nd episode of Nami has been quite a weary process, and underestimated how long it is going to take. Luckily, I do everything in moderation, so it is always progressing. I decided to dress up a keyframe and add some effects as to how this particular scene would be portrayed!

I've been collaborating locally in my town as well with authors, and got a couple new pics I'm going to post here shortly! Possibly a trailer animation for one of my clients as well :D

I tweet daily, so if you feel the need to stalk my every move, I won't stop ya XD

If you haven't seen the first episode of Nami, then hurry up and watch it lol. Got it posted here and on my YouTube channel.

Will try to update a little more regularly, thanks NG'ers!

Posted by CrabbWalker - December 30th, 2015

Screenshot of the 2nd episode, and it's lookin' good. Can't wait to release a short teaser, got some cool VO's, better insight on my web series, and generally an amazing vibe with the level of talent I'm working with. Share this with everyone else, and if you want, support me through any of my social media links on the left! Also, watch the first episode there if you haven't already!

Secondly, I will be uploading some work I've created for a novelist and branch from this back breaking animation, so continue to look for more art updates!

I've been working pretty quickly, but I'm thinking that the 2nd episode will come out sometime next spring or summer.

Thanks Newgrounds, I will drop a teaser on YT and a GIF on here soon :D




Posted by CrabbWalker - November 9th, 2015

A friend and I recently went to the OGDE (gaming dev expo) in Columbus and had a blast! I met A LOT of people and a lot of talent there. There was a good blend of 2D and 3D, software engineers to digital artists. One person in particular I connected with just had a wayyy too cool game. I urge you to check out Adventure Lamp.


Animation Update Episode 2:

Lots of things been happening in my life. I've got a few interviews lined up for a web designer position, so I'm crossing all fingers! I'm also finishing up a new website for dwilproductions.com, so stay tuned :D Now that school is done, I can jump on board full steam ahead with my project. That way, the progress bars won't look like this anymore:


The entire animation could extend out to easily be 6 minutes, which is why progress looks so stifled. The script and the storyboard are pretty synonymous since I've completely fleshed out the script from a descriptive standpoint, so drawing the rest of the storyboard is a piece of cake, since all of the designs for characters and backgrounds are complete...except a particular city I had in mind, called Medit. I have ideas, but I've been putting it off because architecture isn't my strongpoint. Maybe this could open up for some possible collab work? I would need a 3D low-poly view (perhaps greegle-like) of a city. I might implement my drawings on top of these structures via Deep Canvas. My friend might help me with this, but he's got interviews of his own, so I am extending this out to the public as a failsafe. It would be based off of Jerusalem topography with pre-modern Jerusalem architecture, with a mix of Gothic towers and Crockets. Possibly some archivolts as well. PM me if it just sounds interesting to work on lol. This might take a bit of setup, so it could potentially be paid work. Let me know what you think.

Thirdly, I have some art commissions I'm working on. I might be able to post some up once they are done :D 

Tanks again Newground; some really awesome stuff been posting up on this site, and I frequent daily, so keep it up :)


Posted by CrabbWalker - September 12th, 2015

Hey Guys!

So, it's been about a month without any updates to the art portal or my news feed, since my new schedule puts me at around 12-14 hours of work a day. 3.5 hours for programming, 6-7 hours for work, then I'm putting in 1- 3.5 hours a day into animation during the week. On the weekends, I'm catching up on my animation, working 3-5 hours (or at least try XD) on Saturday and Sunday, plus any updates I might have. Thought I'd share what I'm working on so far...

Right now, I'm learning how to access and set up projects through the terminal (command prompt) with Github, and the programming languages Ruby and Python. Their module for how Ruby works is a bit complicated, but nothing too fancy. Currently building a responsive website from scratch from what I'm learning in class. With gaining more knowledge on different languages, I hope to integrate this into structuring a better animation site for my web series.


In regards to my animation, I'm still going strong! Due to the pointers, praises, and criticisms I've read in the comments from Episode 1, I took a slight nose dive into altering my script. NOW, I think it feels solid in terms of progression, plot, and motives. I've also took the initiative and wrote the ending for my series as well (DUN DUN DUNN) In regards to originality, I just tried to keep calm and...let ideas just flow to my head lol. The amount of animation I have planned for this is quite huge, and even more challenging than what I've expected. I'm currently working on some challenging scenes that has stifled my progress, but that's good for me because that means I'm learning. I'm afraid the darn thing might take me a year to do...but I'd rather have quality over quantity ;) On a side note, my background work has improved dramatically, and the atmosphere I'm developing for Nami will be unique. I'm excited for what may come in the future! I'll keep everyone updated. See ya, Newgrounders, and don't forget to share my first episode with everyone, and if you want, support my patreon, even if it's just a dollar.


Posted by CrabbWalker - August 19th, 2015

Still working hard at my 2nd episode! I think I've found a great way for me to work on paintings from scratch in photoshop (finally) that will help me in the long run. I've pretty much booked down most of my voice actors, and just now continuing to work on various scenes. I'll let everyone know if I need more. The ending of the script may change yet again due to the re-structuring of the plot and the focusing on what the main character's motives are. I'll keep you guys updated for more :D

P.S- Would any of you guys ever went to an animation festival? And if you have, would you recommend it? Much thanks, because I'm really considering attending the Ottawa Animation Festival. Much peace Newgrounders, and follow me on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter!




Posted by CrabbWalker - July 2nd, 2015

Hey all, finally started on the animation XD

Anywho, I thought I'd post a sneak peek on what gear I use when doing animation. Right now I'm rocking a very affordable lightbox (I use it when doing storyboard work). The storyboard here is quite old, and I've revised this 1 out of 6 sheets twice, so no spoilers lol. For the animation, I use a Bamboo Capture tablet, and of course Adobe Flash for the animation.

Hardware wise, I recently made the switch over from Mac to a custom built PC several months ago in order to have more processing power when running multiple Adobe programs, although I still use my trustee Macbook Pro for when I'm traveling. Also, I have not forgotten about the people who are interested in doing more voice work.

Other than that, life is pretty alright. I'm excited about a program I maybe involved in, that effectively acts like a boot camp for people who want to be programmers. Supposedly people who go through the program will be pre-matched with a high-end company before starting the boot camp...so I've been networking a lot, and all that adult-y fun stuff. If I do accept to go through the program, I might have to leave my comfy job (that's actually paying well)...but, sometimes you gotta take risks in life.

If I go through with it, one thing that I might talk to other people about, with other programmers on this site, is creating an open source 2D animation program. Flash/ ToonBoom/ TVPaint alone can be expensive, or even Adobe Cloud, and the other open-source programs like Synfig aren't that well known. Anyhow, that's my block of rambling texts. Stay Cool Newgrounders.



Posted by CrabbWalker - June 11th, 2015

Hey all, I have an update on the progress of episode 2:

I am done with the script, and 30% into the storyboard. After completion, I will start contacting the people whom shown tremendous interest and love for the series (thank you guys), however, not everything is not set in stone. If you want to audition for the 2nd ep, just leave your voice demo link within the description (must've requested VO's like 3 times already XD). The storyboard is constantly shifting, so secondary people in the animation are always needed. Everything is looking good so far, besides coming up with more concepts, and constantly trying to improve!


Thanks and peace Newgrounders,