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That's awesome you've rendered this with almost all the brushstrokes intact, even the linework. You have a really good eye for constructing a painting!! :D

Seen quite a few of your paintings...your use of color is stunning!

AtTheSpeedOf responds:

aw thanks!

Glad to see you still working hard on your Illustrations! For critique, I'd just add that the curtains in the back and in the front need different shadowing since one is up close to the audience, and the other curtains are actually hiding behind all of that spotlight (if there's no other light source). Other than that, this is a good render; nice anatomy also :D

MysticSkillz responds:

Thank you kindly sir, I admit it can be challenging drawing straight from Illustrator. I appreciate the comment. Just knocking out some fan art work for practice. :3

Wonderful colors! Nice painting and the lighting is on point! :D

I do like to point out the placement of her body. It seems shifted, which gives the illusion of long breasts, an abnormally long back, and slight bit of a stretched arm. I'd like you to conduct a short experiment. Take a piece of folded paper, and cover up everything below the exposed breast. Her bust looks normal, well crafted. Then, using that same piece, cover up everything from the exposed breast on up. This portion looks okay as well. Separately both parts are anatomically sound, but I think you might have accidentally shifted a layer during your painting, which is yielding quite an unusual result! :D

AntonOxenuk responds:

Thanks for the tip!

Utterly rhapsodic. Bravo man, such a sublime piece.

Beautiful values, the limbs really invoke their presence on the canvas! Combined with the surreal colors...reminds me of some of Bakshi's earlier background work in the movie Cool World!

Your painting style reminds me of Charles Monet a bit! Really good work. One critique, like patiger said below, would be to make the limbs more organic and directionless.

Crazy beautiful use of color man! Various brushes and nice, thick overlays to keep the face sculpt-like. One of my favorites so far in 2017!

AkiCarlito responds:

Thank youuu~!

The integration of wooden desks, holograms, low ceiling, and crowds of people make for a very cool, urban, and exciting place to be in. Makes me miss the college atmosphere all the more :D

This made my day XD

An animating night owl...without the whole 360 head turn.

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