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It was actually pretty fun! It's to the point, plot is simple and then throws you right into the action, but just enough to where you grasp what you're actually going to do next. Sound FX were good, nice music selection, it flowed with the game. Will come back to this and finish it one day!

Great game. The amazing soundtrack led me to your great game. The riddles were pretty challenging (had to google one of them) and the secret ending was chilling! Hopefully you make a sequel to this.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Oh, hi!
Thanks a lot for playing this game, CrabbWalker :D
I'm stoked to hear you liked it, and that you find it both challenging and chilling :)
I will definitely make a sequel to this eventually. I'm hoping to make it sometime next year, and I already do have a few ideas ;)

A relaxing, nice puzzle game that's able to drive you crazy within a matter of minutes! haha but overall good job, and the simple design is effective.

Alright, 2.5 stars for the ability to spam all techniques while fighting lol. It's surprisingly entertaining. Who knows, this could be the next flappy bird, which is simple but with better designed levels and stronger enemies.

This proves that we are significant, yet insignificant. We are an accidental (or destined, depending on your perspective) spawn from the observable universe, and it continues to shed its mercy upon us. Thank You again, Fotoshop. Oh, and I saw Neutrino in there, so I have to say something about my favorite subatomic particle.

Fun Fact: In Frank Close's book, "Neutrino" he describes these particular molecules as massless, it can phase through almost anything. It can travel from the core of the Sun to the edge within two seconds, or through a light year of lead with virtually no contact. Amazing, isn't it?

So go ahead and grab a couple science books, it may revitalize you.

Good looking Flash game..

The Game is very inviting; music is spectacular...There are some problems with controls (probably cause I am using a trackpad on Mac), but overall the experience was a good one.

Its quite touching

In honesty, we cant do one thing, except imagine. And we cant even do that, due to the limitations of the brain. The universe itself is incomprehensible in size and structure, so we ignore it-all the time. Thank you for posting this.

You can learn a couple things here....

First time playing a game like this. Although the game was quite haunting at times, I enjoyed the quotes of which I benefited the most out of.

Great !

Nice collab and nice music, and wow did not know u were 16 yrs old as well. Keep on spewing great art! (P.S- I love Austrailia, quite the sight !)

JKAmovies responds:

Haha, yeah, I'm still a youngin' :3

Thanks, glad you like the collab (and Australia) ;D

Simple Strategic...

The overall the game is great strategically. Savvy controls and awesome graphics. Try adding more music tracks for a more enjoyable play.

An animating night owl...without the whole 360 head turn.

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