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HUGE Animation update :D

Posted by CrabbWalker - December 30th, 2016

Hey NGers!

Long time no see fans. It's almost blasphemous having no posts for nearly two months, but I'm still alive! I've made a lot of progress since the 1st episode! Been learning a lot of new things lately, and been making software changes (using Krita and GIMP, slowly integrating over to OpenToonz). I posted a sheet below on where I'm at concerning everything visual-wise. Green = Done, Yellow = In Progress, Red = Not Even Close


The biggest change is me cutting the animation down from 60 scenes to 40 scenes, in order to post an animation up here quicker. I'm going to start posting finished GIFs up here soon, from episode 1 to the latest one I'm working on, within news posts and/or the art portal. Here's a snippet (1/4 of 1 scene) of what I've been working on :D


I've also recently joined Twitch in order to fill in for all of the time that I'm offline, so give "Crab TV" some love! I'm all setup on the Twitch side and been using it comfortably. My twitch audience have been experiencing some viewing difficulties, so I lowered the bitrate to 2300 in consideration for mobile users. I can't wait to collaborate again with musicians here on the site.

Thanks all and peace,


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Wow, you are super organized. I like it! The spreadsheet is a fantastic idea.

How do you like Krita and Gimp? I've never used either (well, I used Gimp maybe for 10 minutes in high school I guess). I'm trying to look into using different software as well.

Anyway, sweet work, and good luck finishing it up. I'm sure it will turn out great.

Thank you! I actually got the spreadsheet idea from another animation studio I'm very fond of. If you do a lot of digital painting, then I'd recommend Krita two-fold over Photoshop. I use GIMP mostly for photo editing/ manipulation. It's not better then PS but they recently updated the UI, and it looks more clean than previous iterations. Both Krita and GIMP are both very lightweight, open-source (free!) programs, and never had either of them crash on me so far :D

Well, that seals the deal. I'll try them out. I'm trying to avoid Adobe Cloud if possible -- I currently use Macromedia Flash 8 which translated well to my new computer, but getting all my other programs on there has been a pain. But I'll definitely give these a shot now.

Thanks for taking the time to respond with that info!

No problem. The only thing I use from the cloud is Adobe Animate, which I pay 30 a month for (no contract)...so I spend like 200+ dollars a year on software total, which I net back easily from commissions and local work. I've heard some hellish stories concerning their contracts, which is an instant no-go. The licensing on it is pretty dumb as well. Have fun with the programs!

Looking forward to your future works, I do attend your streams and it's cool to watch you work.
See you next year.

Thanks bro, I really need to return the favor! Unfortunately, you seem to stream whenever I work. Happy New Year!