Entry #40


2018-01-07 22:20:40 by CrabbWalker

Gonna stream me working (animating) on the second episode for a bit on Twitch. Got me a cup of coffee brewed and some water to go, don't be afraid to come on in and keep me company :D




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2018-01-08 21:55:11

I caught a bit of the VOD and it's a pretty dope stream. What's your reasoning for pen tool over brush tool, if you don't mind?

CrabbWalker responds:

Ah, it's a mixture of both. Over time, I've come to use the Pen Tool during more stationary scenes where the character doesn't move as much, and use the brush tool to express higher levels of action with the characters. Sometimes I'll use the brush tool on the background, but mostly I use Krita (Bitmap) :D